Eyelash Extensions in Katy, TX

Mascara can only do so much to make your eyes pop. At City Glow TX in Katy, TX, clients come to us for beautiful eyelash extensions that make their eyes look bigger, brighter and ready for anything, from a day in the office to a formal evening event. 

Introducing: Xtreme Lashes

We’ve designed our Xtreme Lashes to look natural and stunning. With a thicker base and tapered end, each individual lash mimics the appearance and feel of natural lashes. No one will notice you’re wearing lash extensions, but they’ll see a difference in your overall appearance!
During your appointment with one of our licensed cosmetologists, you work together to decide which set, classic, volume or hybrid, will best accentuate your beautiful eyes. The aesthetician then artfully and precisely applies your new lashes. Afterward, you’ll be amazed when you look in the mirror and realize your gorgeous new look doesn’t involve any makeup. 

Classic Set of Individual Lashes 

A classic set of lash extensions makes it seem as though you’re wearing mascara without the hassle of actually putting it on. The process involves our aesthetician applying a single extension to an individual lash. Meticulously added to your lashes, these single lash extensions increase length and fullness without looking fake or cheap. 

Volume Set of Lashes

To really “wow” people, try a volume set of our eyelash extensions. An aesthetician places between 2-8 ultra-fine extensions per natural lash to create a fuller, fluffier effect for your lashes. Set in a fanned-out position, these ultra-fine Xtreme Lashes extensions fill in gaps or sparse natural lashes.

Hybrid Set of Lashes

This technique utilizes both the methods for classic and volume sets to create the look you want to achieve with your lashes. You and your Katy, TX aesthetician work together to decide where to use single extensions and place multiple ones to create a unique aesthetic that perfectly complements your face. 

Glam Up Your Look to the Xtreme

Step out of the house looking fabulous without any makeup! Call City Glow TX at 281-396-4430 now to book your appointment for eyelash extensions.

                                                                                               Eyelash Lift.


Like old-school perms in 80s, lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a special chemical solution. Lash lift is essentially what your lash would be doing with any curler, giving a nice shape upward and a realistic curl. The results typically last for about four to six weeks, depending on how quickly your eyelashes grow. Please note, you should avoid mascara for 48 hours after the treatment, and leave lashes untouched for a full day.