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The climate here in Katy, TX, takes its toll on the skin. Extreme heat causes dehydration, burns, and early signs of aging. We offer a variety of spa facials to rejuvenate your beautiful face. Many consider facials an indulgence, but taking good care of your skin provides much-needed health and wellness benefits while making you look your very best. 

Anti-aging Facial  | 60 min.

When it comes to skin, everyone has different needs. During your consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians, you’ll learn your options for and anti-aging facial. This ensures the correct treatments are applied to give your face the soft, supple skin you dream of having. After your consultation, you’ll receive a relaxing facial customized for you and your skin type. 

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Mini Glow Facial | 30 min.

For those who’ve never had a facial before, our Mini Glow Facial provides you with a quick 4 step treatment that revitalizes your skin. Many clients opt for this service when their skin needs a quick pick-me-up. The Mini Glow Facial quenches your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs to look healthy and gorgeous.

Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin Facial I 60min


This facial is specifically designed for delicate and hyper-sensitive skin prone to redness. Fragrance-free formulas with rich in Marvel of Peru, Mexican Hyssop, and Marula oil provide immediate relief and repair. A prebiotic from natural sugars reinforces the skin's good bacteria, for optimal cutaneious defense. 

Hydrating Facial I 70min

The secret to dewy, young looking skin is perfect hydration. This facial contains hydrating hyaluronic acid products and natural extracts to ensure long-lasting  water reservoir in the skin and an effective protection of the skin barrier ideal in all seasons and for all skin conditions. 

Microneedling | 60 min.


Microneedling stimulates collagen production in your face. During a microneedling session, our esthetician use the latest technology to deliver vital vitamins, such as, vitamin C and Vitamin B, together with a hyaluronic acid. After a microneedling facial, your skin looks plumper, firmer, and healthier than ever before. You will need to complete six sessions in order for your skin to start to produce it's own collagen. 

Each session needs to be four to six weeks apart. 

Hyperpigmentation Facial | 60min

Combining effective ingredients such as Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C, Fluroxygen, and Kojic acid, hyperpigmentation facial evens out skin tone while increasing collagen and elastin synthesis. It’s a high-demand favorite among our regular Katy, TX customers. If you have dark spots from sun, we will definitely recommend Hyperpigmentation Facial 

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial | 80min

Depending on your skin type, an aesthetician applies various treatments to deep clean your pores and skin. This facial includes extractions and provides the solutions you need if you suffer from acne. We recommend it for those with sensitive skin, redness, or those prone to breakouts. 

Organic Facial I70min

Regenerate your skin now. Our Sacred Nature, a certified Cosmos organic collection, is enriched with our first proprietary Scientific Garden Extract, packed with anti-oxidants, all the way from Italy. Scientific Garden Extract is a protective and anti-aging complex of three bio-fermented antioxidant extracts form Elderberries,  Pomegranate peels and Myrtle leaves from regenerative agriculture. We’re here to help you feel and look your very best. 

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